A German woman who was in a coma for six years woke up after her mother took her to a Bryan Adams concert. Christiane Kittel, who is now 24, went into a coma on June 12, 1997. Doctors think it was caused by a combination of hot weather, hemophilia and the side-effects of her birth control pill. For the past six years, she was attached to life-support machines in an intensive care unit, until she heard the music at the concert, when she began to move in her wheelchair and eventually came back to life.

“Bryan Adams was always her biggest hero and she loved his music before she fell into a coma,” says her mother Adelheid. “When we heard about the concert in Regensburg we knew straight away that we had to take her there.” A local paper paid for the tickets and doctors arranged special help to get Christiane there. Her mother says, “I will never forget it, I could have hugged the whole world. When we got back to the clinic she was still animated, and three times she called my name, she said Mama.”

Dr. Gerhard Weber, who cared for Christiane during her coma, says, “I think there had been signs that she was starting to respond to the treatment she was getting before the concert and was no longer in a full vegetative state, but the concert certainly represented a big improvement?It’s wrong to say it is a great miracle what happened here, but we have taken small steps and we are on the way to our goal.”

Her father Karl-Gunther says, “I have no doubt that it was the concert that marked the turning point. She seemed to come alive when she was there, and clearly called out her mother’s name. We now believe she is finally coming home to us.”

Rock music will cure a coma? That’s another thing doctors don’t tell you!

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