Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has said that there may be a factor that might keep her from fulfilling her campaign promise to disclose what the Unites States government knows about the UFO phenomenon, in that if the material she finds is considered a matter of national security, she won’t be able to divulge it.

Speaking on Power 105.1’s Breakfast Club radio show in New York, Clinton admitted that “if there’s some huge national security thing and I can’t get agreement to open them, I won’t, but I do want to open them, ’cause I’m interested." Clinton went on to say that there are too many people reporting UFO sightings for them all to have been made up.

This admission isn’t surprising: information on UFOs has long been categorized as a matter of national security by many governments, including the U.S. government, where divulging information protected by the various levels of classification employed is illegal — and as the President of the United States is not supposed to be above the law, Clinton would be barred from releasing such information.

Interestingly, Breakfast Club host Charlamagne Tha God believes he has been abducted, having seen UFOs as a child, and apparently has scoop scars to add to his suspicions. 

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