There’s been a slow start to the 2003 crop circle season in England, with 3circles so far. However, circles have been showing up in unusual places such as Australia and Maryland. Peter Hall writes in the New Jersey Express-Times that they’ve cropped up in New Jersey as well.

Crop circles that form outside of the vicinity of Stonehenge in the U.K. rarely have intricate patterns, and this year is no exception. It’s almost as if the circles have to “get the hang of it” all over again, whenever they start up in a new area. In New Jersey, Pete and Lisa Andrews noticed patches of two-foot-tall grass lying flat in irregular shapes in a field next to their house. “A herd of buffalo?” replied meteorologist Art Kraus when asked what could have caused the patterns.

The stalks of grass were lying in a north-to-south direction, with their stems bent close to the ground and matted together, which is typical of crop circles. About two dozen patches were knocked down, ranging from a few feet to about 100 feet across. There was no apparent pattern to the patches?however, often crop circle patterns can only be seen from the air, and no attempt was made to fly over the field in this case. No tire tracks or footprints could be seen leading into the field. Their neighbors say they saw similar flat spots in the same field years ago.

Meteorologist Kraus says there were no intense winds that could have knocked down the grass. “It doesn’t sound like it was really atmospheric or weather-caused,” he says. “Sounds like it was more likely caused by people or animals.”

No matter where you vacation this year, send crop circle postcards back home to your friends. They’ve never seen anything like them!

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