So many Christmas presents and toys use batteries, that many of us include them with the gift. Running out of the right batteries is a classic Christmas Day emergency. But new advances in thin-film lithium battery technology may soon make traditional alkaline batteries a thing of the past..

Rechargeable batteries can seem like a solution, except that they?re made from highly toxic heavy metals can pollute the environment. Others have a short storage life (a rapid “self-discharge” rate). If used improperly, some lose the ability to hold a full charge, a problem known as the “memory effect.”

Researchers Nancy Dudney says thin-film lithium batteries last longer; hold their charge better during storage; recharge faster with no memory effects; can be recharged many times and can be made much smaller, lighter and more flexible than traditional batteries. They are currently being used for medical implants, remote sensors, miniature transmitters and smart cards. Companies are interested in using the technology for computer memory chips and solar-powered devices in space, miniature hearing aids and even ultra thin watches. They are already being used in as tracking devices on packages.

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