Retired British submarine commander Garvin Menzies plans to follow the same route as Admiral Zheng He, a Chinese Muslim eunuch who discovered America more than 70 years before Columbus. Most historians believe Columbus discovered the New World first, in 1492, although Scandinavian historians claim the Vikings got there 500 years earlier. But the Chinese have evidence that Zhang found North America and Australia during a two-year voyage which began in 1421.

Menzies says, “It’s virtually impossible to still argue that Columbus discovered America, that Cook found Australia or that Magellan was the first to circumnavigate the world. You have to be a crank nowadays to believe that.” In 1421 Zheng He’s fleet of four junks, financed by the Ming dynasty, set sail from Nanjing, which was the capital of the Chinese Empire. So much teak was needed for the construction of these ships that they had to use wood from the forests of Vietnam, leading to a war with the ancient kingdom of Annam. Although Zheng He himself turned back when they got to Sumatra, his admirals sailed on.

Zheng He’s fleet gradually split up but there?s good evidence that three of the four ships went to Arabia, the Cape of Good Hope, the Caribbean, South America, the South Pacific, Australia and then the west coast of North America. Menzies says, “The Chinese set up settlements all along the west coast of North America, from Vancouver Island to New Mexico and inter-married happily with the local Indians. When the first Spanish colonialists arrived in the 16th century they found many Chinese, as well as wrecked junks. But the diseases the European colonists brought with them wiped out 90% of the Indians, and destroyed the Chinese influence.”

When Zheng He’s fleet returned to China, they weren?t treated as heroes. The Ming dynasty was fighting off the Mongol hordes, and turned to Confucianism, starting a policy of isolationism which lasted 600 years. Menzies says, “The emperor who commissioned Zheng He’s fleet lost control in 1424 and was replaced by his son who slammed the door to the world shut. The great ships were mothballed, the admirals were pensioned off, the records were burned and the blueprints for the mighty junks were destroyed.”

There is evidence of foreign influences in China from earlier times as well. In 1994, Australian Hartwig Hausdorf traveled to Sichuan in central China, an area normally closed to tourists, where he discovered over one hundred pyramids. The first record of these pyramids was written over 5,000 years ago.

Hausdorf discovered the pyramids during two trips. During his first tour in March, he saw six of them. When he returned to China in October, he brought his camcorder and shot an 18-minute video. When he watched the video back home, he was surprised to see more pyramids in the background. He counted over 100 pyramids in an area of about 1,200 miles.

The heights of most of the pyramids are from 80 to 300 feet tall One of them, known as the Great White Pyramid, is almost 100 feet tall. They are built of mud bricks and local farmers have destroyed some of the pyramids in order to use the soil in their fields.

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