According to several eyewitnesses in Chile, twenty-four people had an interdimensional travel experience during an international UFO congress. The event, which took place in the Cipreseses River National Reservoir, in Rancagua, Chile, was predicted by Peruvian ufologist Sixto Paz.

During a recent UFO expo in Chile, Paz announced that Chileans would soon have contact with extraterrestrials and said, ?What is about to happen this month will resonate worldwide.?

Chilean ufologist Camilo Valdivieso says that on Saturday night, March 29, many eyewitnesses saw lights in the sky. According to one, ?they were as bright as giant light bulbs.?

?These types of UFO sightings were announcing that something was going to happen,? says Valdivieso. ?During the days before the contact took place, the people involved in the teleportation were suddenly aware about the existence of the interdimensional gateway or Xendra. They somehow learned that through this door, they could establish contact with supposed extraterrestrial beings.?

One eyewitness to the contact says, ?It?s like seeing a person disintegrate in front of your eyes.? It?s not known if the event was captured by video or photography.

Paz says that he and about 100 other eyewitnesses previously made contact with extraterrestrials. ?We saw a ship that landed in front of our eyes, with beings standing at about 2 meters (6 ? feet) in height, wearing shiny body suits,? says Paz.

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UFOs have been seen almost nightly in Australia?s Territory Outback during the past month. People claim to have seen colored lights in the sky, cigar-shaped and hat-like objects moving erratically, as well as triangular-shaped craft.

Lou Farkis says there were many sightings by workers on the Alice Springs to Darwin railway. ?There are sightings here all the time?but in the last month it has been almost nightly. About five years ago we had a landing just [6 miles] west of here every night for 28 days in a row. One guy filmed it and a TV channel bought the film from him.?

Farkis says another worker photographed a UFO while taking pictures of work at a nearby bridge. ?When he got the photograph of a bridge girder developed in Darwin, there was an object, like a big, black ball, in the background,? he says.

According to Farkis, an Alice Springs woman was driving home last month when she saw a light [18 miles] south of Wycliffe Well, just off the Stuart Highway. ?She realized it was not the railway workers or the military and stopped,? he says. ?She told me she saw a triangular-shaped craft and then three silvery beings came out of it and walked towards her?it was then that she panicked and drove off.?

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