For months, websites around the world have been speculating that video artist Kris Avery would admit to creating the drones, but now Avery has said that he didn’t create them. He did create some drone videos, but they were done to illustrate how easy it would be to accomplish. He insists that he did not create any of the original images. Avery says, “The videos I created…all inspired by the original photos. I myself am totally unsure as to the origin of the images beyond what I already know…i.e. anonymous witnesses…” Don’t miss Dreamland this weekend, when Linda Howe interviews a NEW Drone witness.

Melody Melver Thaxton and her sister have both stated that they saw such craft in Arkansas and Oklahoma in 2003. Linda Moulton Howe has interviewed numerous other witnesses at length, who have been afraid to allow their names to be made public.

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