Do they need to call in the Internet CSI? – Just as the Large Hadron Collider was powering up, a group of Greek internet hackers were close to getting control of one of the four 12-ton electromagnets that detect what’s going on inside CERN.

They left a long note (in Greek) saying that CERN’s security was weak. Information Age quotes the would-be hackers as saying (among other things) that, “We’re pulling your pants down because we don’t want to see you running around naked looking to hide yourselves when the panic comes.”

But the internet CSI is on the job! More and more, police are analyzing email messages in order to solve crimes and combat terrorism.

In one homicide case in the UK, they analyzed the language a suspect used in his emails to help convict him of murder. Murder suspect David Hodgson left anonymous text messages on his victim’s phone that were identified as being in the same “style” as emails and text messages he sent to other people.

In BBC News, Elizabeth Mitchell quotes linguist Tim Grant as saying, “This is external validation that forensic linguistics is moving from an expertise-based opinion into the scientific field.”

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