Cell phones have been accused of being dangerous because they beam microwaves into people’s brains, but now a new cell phone danger has been discovered. If you talk on your cell phone while walking, it can give you an aching back.

Australian researcher Paul Hodges says this is because of the way we breathe. You may not have noticed this, but the human body is designed to exhale when our feet touch the ground, in order to protect the spine from sudden jolts. But talking and walking at the same time disrupts this pattern, so the spine is more likely to be injured. While we sometimes talk with other people while walking, we?re much more likely to talk on our cell phones.

Matthew Bennett, of the British Chiropractic Association, says, “This is totally new research. It shows that we really shouldn’t be talking and walking at the same time. Talking appears to disrupt our ability to walk efficiently. This is something we will now have to add to our list. People with bad backs should watch the way they bend to pick things up, shouldn’t sit for too long and now it would seem shouldn’t talk with someone they are walking with. This is particularly important for [cell] phone users. We already know that holding a phone to your ear for long periods is bad for you, because it can increase tension across the shoulder and cause pain.”

Why talk on the phone so much? We’re all quantumly connected already.

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