Authorities in Colorado’s San Luis Valley are trying to solve a series of bizarre events. In this case, they aren’t lights in the sky, they are gruesome cattle killings, where the cows are mutilated, then left in the field to die. On the Fox 21 website in Denver, John Romero quotes rancher Mike Duran, who had 2 cows mutilated in this way, as saying, “It’s almost like the animal was taken away, killed, surgically manipulated and brought back.” Some of the wounds on one cow were “like laser cuts. There was no blood. No tracks. No witnesses at all. Some people say it was a cult. But even if it was a cult, we would find tracks or something like that.

“I believe there are aliens. People may laugh at me for thinking that, [but the aliens] do what they have to, and then they bring [the cows] back and they drop them back in the field. And that’s why there are no tracks.” Duran says he found a powerful electromagnetic field coming from one cow’s carved-out head.

Romero quotes sheriff’s deputy Chuck Zukowski as saying, “The (female cow’s) sexual organs were removed, the eyes were removed, a tongue was removed. The pattern is that of surgical cuts. There are no bite marks. There are no scratch marks. There’s no carnage on the ground. It’s as if it was [done] under [anesthesia].”

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