A rancher in Canada has found the partially skinned carcass of one of his animals that was drained of blood and also had its tongue cut off. The rancher says, “I don’t really want to speculate on what happened. I know what I saw?It was definitely a sharp object used.”

The cow had an incision under its chin, and the skin had been pulled from the face, exposing the teeth. The tip of its tongue was cut from its root and placed in its mouth. The cuts were made with surgical precision. No one heard anything during the night it happened. In the Winnipeg Sun, Natalie Pona quotes a neighbor as saying, “There’s not a drop of blood in that animal. The only way you can drain an animal of blood is (to cut into it) with the heart still pumping. You don’t know who you’re dealing with?the average wild and wooly neighborhood brat wouldn’t be capable of doing it.”

The rancher first called the police, saying the animal had been attacked by a predator, but he’s changed his mind. Fern Belzil, who investigates cattle mutilations, says, “I’m not saying it’s aliens?a lot points towards aliens but there is no proof. It’s a real mystery.”

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