We recently wrote about a car rebellion in a town near Area 51 in Nevada, where one day almost all their automatic doors refused to unlock. Now cars are fighting back in a shopping mall parking lot in the U.K., as dozens of cars refused to unlock, setting off all their alarms at the same time.

The Derbyshire (U.K.) Evening Telegraph reports that some people think this might have been caused by signals from cell phone antennas, while others blamed radio waves or planes flying overhead. In Nevada, the rebellion was blamed on the same radio bands that are used to unlock cars being used at the nearby military base.

In the U.K., John Davies says, “When I came out, there was a heck of a din. There were people standing by the side of their cars scratching their heads wondering what had made them go off and how to stop them, I suppose. I didn’t think much of it until I walked to my car. I pressed the key fob for the central locking and nothing happened. I had to open the door with the key and my alarm went off. Others started going off as well. As I drove off, I could still hear alarms going off all over the place.”

Store manager Mark Kynman says, “I have heard that if an airplane goes over and hits a certain frequency at a certain speed, it temporarily disables things, such as car alarms.” But a spokesman at the nearby airport denies this.

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