Cannibalism may seem like a thing of the past, but it’s still going on. In Germany, an apparently respectable middle class software designer ate a microchip engineer. The police caught him after he tried to find a new victim on the internet.

The victim was a 42-year-old microchip designer who lived in a penthouse with thousands of dollars worth of computer equipment. He disappeared in the spring of 2000, after selling his car and other valuables. Police now know he answered this internet ad: “Wanted: young, well-built 18-30-year-old for slaughter.”

The man who placed the ad is a 41-year-old computer technician. Investigators found a slaughtering room in his apartment, complete with meat hooks. The cannibal, a former sergeant major in the German army, videotaped his butchery. Police have confiscated 50 videos and are keeping them locked away, since they?re worth a lot of money in the specialized market for video cannibalism.

The killer stored his victim in the freezer, and was gradually eating him until he was caught by police. He buried the inedible body parts and bones in his garden. Before he was caught, the cannibal placed 80 more internet ads for new victims, and the five men who replied seem to be genuine volunteers.

Other modern cannibals include a 30-year-old Italian man who ate his two-year-old daughter in 1998, and a Venezuelan who confessed to eating ten men in 1999 and said, ?I never eat women because they have not done anything wrong.? Also in 1999, three Finnish men and a woman ate fellow member of their Satanist cult. In 2001, two Kazakhstanis were sentenced to death for killing seven prostitutes and making kebabs out of them. They shared the meat with neighbors. Also that year, six Belarusians were arrested for eating a man?s raw liver.

One German paper describes modern cannibals this way: ?They are invisible behind their glasses, their hairstyles, their families, their work, their seemingly unblemished innocence. These sick people are hiding among us, they are in our very midst.?

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