Personal choices, such as smoking and consumption of fatty foods, have long been linked to increased cancer risk. According to researchers in Seattle, exercising six days a week reduces the risk of colon cancer in men. Another study shows that women who eat flame-broiled foods more than twice a month may be at increased risk of breast cancer when compared to women who don’t usually eat foods prepared that way. The good news, however, is that taking aspirin negated the potentially harmful effects. Women who eat tofu get less breast cancer. If you smoke, having lots of kids will help you to avoid lung cancer. And if you get cancer, despite your best efforts not to, there’s always?the shot.

Having a large family seems to help women ward off lung cancer. A recent study of female smokers showed that while having one child did not significantly decrease the cancer risk compared to women who had never given birth, having two children reduced the risk of cancer by 20%, and having three or more children reduced that risk by 40%. Eating soy (such as tofu) during childhood, adolescence and adult life is associated with a decreased risk of breast cancer.

Meanwhile, British researchers have developed a vaccine that helps the immune systems of patients with colon cancer to fight off cancerous cells.

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