Canada is one of the world’s best places to see UFOs, and crop circles regularly turn up there as well. As if to make sure investigators find them all, a circle that formed in one field pointed to a circle that’s been discovered in another wheat field.

Susan Hundertmark writes in the Seaforth Huron Expositor that the Canadian Crop Circle Research Network says that at least two of the three recent circles are not hoaxes. “I haven?t seen the third but the other two weren’t hoaxes,” says Matt Rock of CCCRN. Rock says the second Cranbrook crop circle wasn’t hoaxed because it’s so similar to a circle found recently in Wallacetown. Also, the measurements are incredibly precise. Both the Wallacetown and Cranbrook crop circles are “dumbbell-shaped,” with two connected circles.

A third circle has been reported, but no one knows where it is. “We’re being kept in the dark about the third one because the farmer doesn’t want any trespassers. A person nearby saw it and reported it,” says Rock. He thinks the other two circles may give him a clue to the circle’s location, because a crop circle found this summer in Stewarttown points to the second Cranbrook crop circle. He says, “I have no idea what that means but it means they’re related in geometry.” Using clues from the other two crop circles found near Cranbrook, Rock says the third is probably visible from the road in a wheat field near a river.

Linda Howe reports on the latest Dreamland that crop circles suddenly stopped forming around the world on August 10th?except in Canada.

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