Something strange is going on in Canada?people are seeingmore UFOs than ever before.

Could this be because most people don’t know where to reportthem in the U.S.? Just as many UFOs could be flying aroundhere, but we wouldn’t know it. It could also be that we’remore on the alert against terrorism and thus there’s no waysuch objects could fly freely in our skies?and they’d bekept secret if they did. Another possibility is thatresearch into secret military aircraft is taking place inCanada and new planes are being tested there.

At a military base in Beaverbank, Nova Scotia in April,three people saw lights, including a slow-moving red onethat bobbed up and down. Suddenly a second red light zoomedin, causing the first one to climb upwards and fly over it.

Chris Kitching writes in the Winnipeg Sun that the mostsightings have taken place over the province of Manitoba,with over 50 being spot this year?twice as many as in 2003.However, is only the number of sightings that have beenreported. It could be that people who saw UFOs last yeardidn’t bother or know where to report them, but this isunlikely, since even more UFOs?a total of 74?were reportedin the area in 1993.

UFO researcher Chris Rutkowski describes on sighting thattook place in July, when two people driving along a highwaysaw two bright orange-colored lights zoom across the sky. Hesays, “The first one rose up out of the bush beside the roadand flew in front of them, a second ball of light cameacross the road and then both flew away.”

Natalie Pona writes in the Winnipeg Sun about WayneRobillard, one of the five people who saw a UFO, who says,”It was a bright light, then it stopped. It was a brightlight again, then it just dropped.” Using binoculars, hecould see a white light with a red light rotating around thecenter orbit.

Alfredo Perez saw another UFO the same day. He says, “It waslike a helicopter light. It lasted about five seconds brightand then it just took off. I tried to follow it with myeyes. It went so fast and so high that it just blended withthe stars.”

Will we ever understand the alienagenda?

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