Without becoming machines or mole rats? In times like these, it’s something to think about. Many contactees have written that they saw alien beings putting on and taking off bodies, with stacks of these bodies folded in drawers and stacked on shelves. Until we can do something similar, we remain victims of our mortal bodies (Or do we?

Futurist Ray Kurzweil has predicted that man can become immortal within the next 20 years. A newspaper in India quotes him as saying, “Computer technology and our understanding of genes (our body’s software programs) are accelerating at an incredible rate. I and many other scientists now believe that in around 20 years we will have the means to reprogram our bodies’ stone-age software so we can halt, then reverse, ageing. Then nano-technology will let us live forever.” Maybe this technology is female: BBC News reports on new research that suggests a well-educated woman positively influences both her own and her partner’s chances of a long life. It turns out that a man whose partner had only a school education has a 25% greater risk of dying early than if she had had a university education.

In some places in the universe, living forever may be commonplace. When Whitley asked the Master of the Key if he was a conscious machine, he replied, “If I was, I wouldn’t tell you.”

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