When we go to Wal-Mart and other stores?even fast food restaurants?we notice that the employees seem a lot older than they used to be. Spending your last years relaxing on a beach in Florida is becoming a thing of the past, and more than one of every five Americans age 62 and older who expected to retire is still working.

Part of this is due to stock market failures that have affected people?s pensions and savings, as well as social security payments that are too low to live on. It turns out that most people aren’t even PLANNING to retire anymore.

Sociologist Philippa Clarke analyzed data from the National Institute on Aging in order to find out how unfulfilled expectations about early retirement can affect life satisfaction. She found that about 37% percent of people, mainly older men, had expected to take early retirement, but they ended up working beyond age 62. But among women, about 59% of them DID NOT expect to be able to stop working. Is this because “a woman?s work is never done?”

The GOOD news is she found that the older people who are still working are much happier with their lives than those who have been able to retire. The question is: is this report an example of government propaganda or does it reflect reality?

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What would our founding fathers have thought of the way America has turned out? When we ask ourselves this question, we need to realize that the founding fathers were NOT the people they are so often portrayed as being.

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