Saddam Hussein and his sons Uday and Qusay recently made brief appearances on TV, but these could have been old video tapes. This is the first glimpse of Uday since the start of the Iraqi war. Saddam also delivered a message, which was read by Iraqi Information Minister Mohammed Saeed al-Sahaf. Pentagon spokeswoman Victoria Clarke says the world has not seen the “hide nor hair” of Saddam since the war began. “We have not seen his sons,” she says. Did Saddam survive the bombing of his bunker?

The German architect who built the bunker says it can survive anything short of a direct hit with a nuclear bomb. “It could withstand the shock wave of a nuclear bomb the size of the Hiroshima one detonating 250 meters away,” says Karl Esser. It has four-foot-thick walls and three-ton Swiss-made doors. He says, “Ground troops could get in by taking out the doors with bazookas and explosives.”

Esser says the “bunker busting” bombs like the ones dropped recently will fail to penetrate the bunker because they first have to get though the palace built directly above it. “The presidential palace above gives natural protection so the bunker can only be cracked by ground troops or a tactical nuclear bomb,” he says. The bunker ceiling itself is made of steel-reinforced concrete and up to two yards thick, was designed to withstand the direct impact of a 230 kg bomb.

Esser thinks the bunker plans are now in the hands of Germany’s foreign intelligence service.

Saddam may no longer need the advice in this book?but we sure do.

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