Newswise – We’ve written before about clothes that make you invisible. Most of us will never wear these, but lots of female cell phone and PDA users are interested in an invention called the “Power Purse,” which is covered with solar cells that can recharge batteries.

Joe Hynek started out with a hat with solar panels that can either heat or cool the wearer’s head, but not everyone considers it fashionable. He says, “A large problem with putting technology in clothing is that it looks dorky. My goal is to use solar cells in a way that?s unobtrusive to fashion while making something that?s useful.”

He’s concentrating on purses, hats, jackets and accessories, since they don’t need to make regular trips through the laundry. But he?s also working on technology that will stand up to washing machines. He says, “My major goal is to give convenience to people so they’re always charged and always on the go.”

Solar panels are the energy wave of the future. Other inventors are trying to figure out how to put them on the roof of a Prius so it will go even further on a tank of gas. If gas prices stay high (and despite government denials, they will), you’ll soon see hybrid cars mass-produced with solar technology.

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