According to Professor John Lowe of London University, global warming could cause a mini ice age in the British Isles within a few decades. This would be part of a radical global change in climate that he believes is not far off. Research using ice cores in Greenland indicates that this climate shift could unfold in the UK and northwestern Europe much more quickly than in the rest of the world, and that the British climate could start changing soon.

This is essentially the same scenario as outlined in Whitley Strieber and Art Bell’s book The Coming Global Superstorm. Professor Lowe described the latest evidence as “startling.” He predicted weather conditions in Britain similar to those of Iceland. What he did not say was that conditions farther north will be much worse, and that substantial parts of northern Europe are liable to become uninhabitable within the forseeable future.

“Some of these models suggest that northwest Europe will experience a rapidly alternating climate and my personal opinion is that there’s going to be a period of great instability,” Professor Lowe told the Scotsman on September 11, 2000.

As discussed in The Coming Global Superstorm, Professor Lowe explained that floods of fresh water from melting arctic ice would result in an abrupt halt to the northward flow of the Gulf Stream, which is the key to climate in the UK and Northern Europe.

A Gulf Stream monitor has been added to the Superstorm Quickwatch section of this website. The image will disorganize, then appear to spread, losing its borders, should the Gulf Stream begin to flow more slowly than normal. The Quickwatch is updated weekly.

It should be noted that at present there is no expectation of immediate change. But as we have entered a period of such extraordinary climactic uncertainty, close monitoring of the available data appears prudent.

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