As part of the planned release of a new batch of declassified UFO documents by the British Ministry of Defense next March, eighteen files referring to the Rendlesham Forest incident in 1980 are expected to be included. UFO investigators are hoping that these papers will be the evidence needed to prove that contact between aliens and USAF personnel from the nearby Bentwaters AFB occurred during that incident.

These files have been the focus of a campaign by UFO researchers, headed by Lord Black of Brentwood, to have them declassified and released to the National Archives. They were slated to have been released in 2013, but the MoD delayed them, citing the need for further "additional processing requirements."

In April of 2011, the Ministry of Defense joined the US Air Force in claiming that crucial UFO related files were "lost." In the US Case, the US Air Force claimed after a General Accounting Office Inquiry that all records from the Roswell Army Air Field between 1947 and 1953 had been illegally destroyed. In  2011, the MoD used this same ploy, and in June of 2011, the Australian Department of Defense made similar claims about UFO files that were due to be released.

In 2006, the MoD released an important but little noticed document called the Condign Report that stated that "plasmas unknown to science" had been observed by military personnel during the Rendlesham Forest incident. has reason to believe that the 18 documents due to be released in March will state that it appeared that these plasmas were under intelligent control. But the Ministry has cited a need for "additional processing requirements," which may mean that they will be redacted or even altered in the name of "national security," even though either action would be illegal under British law.

The Rendlesham Forest is the UK’s most famous UFO incident, of which is reported to have involved numerous Bentwaters personnel sighting UFOs in the early morning of 26 December, 1980, and contact between some of the personnel and a triangular object in the woods.

The image shown here is not from the Rendelsham Forest UFO Incident. It is an artist’s impression.

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