A vast arctic cold front has driven temperatures to record lows from Norway to Siberia and Japan, and has now brought snow to the slopes of Mauna Kea volcano in Hawaii. Tourists from California who were climbing the volcano were almost stranded when the latest blizzard began. The park rangers who work there all say they have never seen snow thisintense in Hawaii before. While snow is fairly common on Mauna Kea, blizzardconditions are rare.

Temperatures in Moscow have plunged to -35 last week, and the US northeast has been experienced heavy snowfall in recent days. Bitter cold has gripped northern India, and New Delhi has seen record lows, as has Greece, where theAcropolis is covered with snow. Hundreds have diedworldwide, at least 53 in Ukraine alone.

Global climate change is well under way, with just the sort of extremes predicted by climate scientists. At present, the ferocious storm that is predicted in The Coming Global Superstorm is not immediately likely. For such a storm to develop, there must be an extraordinary spike in Arctic temperatures, followed by a sudden plunge. Greenhouse gas levels must rise even more before this is likely to happen, but they are increasing so quickly that it is likely to become a possibility within a matter of years.

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