CIA profiler Jerrold Post has developed a psychological portrait of Saddam Hussein from his biographies, speeches, policy decisions, and interviews with people who’ve met him. “This is not a madman. Let me be clear,” Post says. “This is a psychologically whole person in terms of not being insane, but he represents the most dangerous political personality type, what’s called malignant narcissism.”

Post believes Saddam’s actions, although bizarre, are predictable and says, “He is not crazy?He is quite understandable.” He believes the key to Saddam’s personality, like most of us, comes from his childhood. “One cannot imagine a worse entrance into this life than Saddam had,” he says. Both his father and his eldest brother died while his mother was pregnant with him. She became “gravely depressed” and repeatedly tried to commit suicide and abort the pregnancy. When Saddam was born, she didn’t even want to look at him. Talk about feeling unwanted! Saddam spent the first three years of his life in the care of an uncle, but was returned to his mother when she remarried.

Saddam’s new stepfather was psychologically and physically abusive to him, creating an adult who is incredibly sensitive. “He’s really very fragile under this arrogant fa

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