British Prime Minister Tony Blair appeared to suggest that war against Afghanistan was immiment today when he said at 10 Downing Street that military conflict will take place “unless the Taliban change and respond to the ultimatum given them.”

The Taliban have refused US demands to turn Osama bin Laden over.

According to the London Telegraph, diplomats are suggesting that military action was likely within days. Downing Street announced that Parliament, which is in recess, would be convened for one day next Thursday. Previously, British political leaders have said that Parliament would not be reconvened until war has started.

In separate developments, reportedly as many as a hundred thousand people marched through the streets of Karachi, Pakistan in support of the United States and against terrorism, and there were similar demonstrations across Pakistan. Pakistani leaders said, however, that intelligence sources in Afghanistan have dried up since the country declared its support for the US.

President Musarraf of Pakistan said that his country would maintain diplomatic relations with the Taliban because “at least there should be one country who ought to be able to have an access to them.”

Blair may have indicated what allied strategy in Afghanistan will be when he said, “We have the power to do very considerable damage to the Taliban regime, and any action we take will be directed towards the regime, and not the ordinary people of Afghanistan.”

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