The world’s most powerful atomic particle accelerator will start functioning around 6 months from now. It’s capable of creating a black hole every second. Since black holes suck up planets, is this dangerous? Scientists reassure us that it’s not?but then, they’ve recently steered us wrong about other dangers as well.

The Large Hadron Collider is now under construction in an underground circular tunnel that is 17 miles long in the world’s largest physics lab, CERN near Geneva, Switzerland.Black holes can’t be seen, but astronomers can tell they exist because of what they do. Their gravity is so strong that they suck in everything around them. Not even light can escape, which is how they got their name. They form in nature when a dead star collapses.

In, Charles Q. Choi quotes physicist Greg Landsberg as saying that the danger is “totally miniscule.” Since the danger is not zero, why take the risk? Landsberg says, “If the Large Hadron Collider does create black holes?it [will] prove that extra dimensions of the universe exist?the radiation that decaying black holes emit could yield clues that help finally unite all the current ideas about the forces of nature under a ‘theory of everything,'” which is something that quantum physicists have been searching for a very long time.

Some researchers have speculated that the intricate patterns of crop circles are the shadows cast by muti-dimensional objects in parallel universes that may have a message for us?if we could only learn how to interpret them! One of the primary interpreters of myths and legends in the world is William Henry, and last week you got to hear an extraordinary interview between him and Graham Phillips. This Saturday, you can CHAT with him and ask him YOUR OWN questions, but you can only do this if you subscribe today.

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