Is this something WE can catch? – Pelicans that seem to be suffering from a mysterious disease are crashing down onto moored boats and wandering dazed along highways. Hundreds of dead bird bodies have been found. This sort of thing has happened before, in Texas. Is this something humans can catch? It?s too bad we can’t ask them about it.

In the Orange County Register, Pat Brennan quotes Jay Holcomb, of Wildrescue, as saying, “These birds are on the freeway, getting run over. A bunch we’ve seen have been hit. They’ve been landing on yards five miles inland. When some of the people have captured them in parking lots, they just sit in the corner. They just go pick them up.”

But the birds have also been doing some of the hitting themselves: Brennan quotes Rebecca Dmytryk of Wildrescue as saying, “One pelican actually hit a car in Los Angeles.”

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