Pakistan intelligence has announced that 7 al-Qaeda members were killed and 8 wounded in a recent operation carried out by “allied forces” in Afghanistan near the Pakistan border, and that 2 of the wounded are Osama bin-Laden’s sons. However, the U.S. denies that the sons were captured. Pakistan official Sanaullah Zehri says, “This is what I have been told, but our soldiers were not involved. There were no Pakistanis involved. I am getting my information from my sources and this is what I have heard.” White House spokesman Ari Fleischer says, “We have no information to substantiate that report.” One of those said to be captured is Saad, bin-Laden?s eldest, who is on the U.S. most-wanted list as a terrorist. Bin-Laden has 23 sons by several wives.

Col. Roger King, of Bagram Air Base, says, “As far as I know we don’t have anybody operating in that vicinity.?

The Afghan military commander in Rabat, Haji Eid Mohammad, says, “My people are patrolling with the Americans and for a long time there has been no large American military operation here.”

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