A few weeks ago, we received news claiming that the mystery of Sasquatch was finally solved. Bank security guard Simon Garth of South Carolina said he had a Bigfoot corpse stored in his freezer. 30-year-old Garth claimed he shot and killed the creature in self-defense after it threw rocks at him during a camping trip.

He dragged the dead Bigfoot to his pick-up truck and hauled the creature to his brother-in-law?s house, where he put it in a meat freezer. He said the Bigfoot was 6 feet tall, weighed around 285 pounds and smelled like ?bad eggs.?

He announced that he planned to sell the corpse to the highest bidder and hoped the Discovery Channel would be interested because he thought they would treat the creature ?…with more dignity than ABC or CBS.?

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Now Simon Garth blames his buddies for the notoriety the story received when a practical joke that went too far made the national news. He says he received more than 300 telephone calls after an Internet-based news service published a story that said he had shot and killed the elusive Bigfoot. After reading the story, people nationwide offered him blank checks for the frozen Sasquatch, while others wanted samples of its DNA.

Despite the flood of phone calls, Garth didn?t mind being the butt of his friends? joke. ?It?s been a fun day,? he said. ?I wish I did have Bigfoot in a meat locker.?

David Moye, the Wireless Flash reporter who wrote the story, says Garth was in on the joke from the start, but cried wolf when he was bombarded with telephone calls. Moye ran a second story saying Garth admitted his Bigfoot tale was nothing more than a stunt designed to get him a guest shot on Howard Stern?s morning radio show.

?Now, after being flooded by media interest, Garth has decided to come clean because he doesn?t want to ?… disrespect Bigfoot fans? and Howard Stern still hasn?t called him,? says Moye.

Garth claims his friends used his name and cell phone number without his knowledge to carry out the hoax. He says they were also the ones who called Moye to admit the story was false.

Moye says he found the story while scanning eBay. He noticed that Garth had a Bigfoot corpse up for auction. He called Garth, who told him there was a 6-foot, 2-inch, 285-pound Sasquatch inside his freezer.

However, he received an e-mail signed by Garth the following day. ?This whole incident stemmed from problems with eBay,? it said. ?A group of us got together and decided to have some fun with a fake auction. Over 300 people looked at it, but few bid before eBay yanked it.?

The Skookum Cast, pictured above, was made from a spot where a bigfoot apparently lay down while attempting to grab fruit left by researchers who had attracted it using recorded bigfoot cries. To learn more, go to the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization.

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