Three people in the same family have seen strange creatures in Vancouver and one of them heard a strange howling in the forest. Arnold Frank and his nephew Patrick Frank saw bigfoot twice. The first time, they heard a crashing sound and glimpsed him through the trees. “We just saw some real big orange eyes, real high off the ground,” Arnold Frank says. A few nights later, they saw the same creature run into the woods, as they drove along the highway. “We both figured it was too big to be a bear,” Frank says. “And bears don’t walk on two legs.”

John Kirk, president of the British Columbia Cryptozoology Club, says, “The description of orange eyes gives some credibility. There’s a reflective characteristic for Sasquatch eyes from all the sightings?Many people report red, glowing eyes, and orange would just be a variation of that.” Arnold?s brother, Alex Frank, reports hearing creatures in the woods. “There’s a weird howling sound going on around Indian Bay during the day,” he says.

An elderly woman saw a creature crossing the road in front of her car. The local paper reports: “The gigantic biped allegedly stopped in front of her car, and looked directly at her before disappearing into the bush.”

“One report was by a woman who was camping. She was wakened by sounds in the early morning, looked out of her tent and saw the three animals,” Kirk says. He thinks this could be a female with babies. There have been several other independent reports of an adult with two juveniles. “This seems to be the same group of animals seen repeatedly,” he says.

Jessie Hamilton, an elder with the Hupacasath First Nation, says their tribe has legends about Sasquatch encounters, including one story about a man who wrapped himself in a blanket to hide from the creature, and was picked up and swung in the air before being set back down.

“It has been really quiet for a long time, but now we’re getting something of a comeback for Sasquatch sightings,” says Kirk. “What we are really hoping for is that someone will have seen one of these animals rub against a tree or some branches so that we might recover a hair sample, or even some blood, that would allow us to do some DNA testing.”

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