If you’re planning on seeing a film today, you’ll be glad to know that someday soon, we’ll be able to watch 3D films WITHOUT those pesky cardboard glasses because they’ll be holograms.

BBC News reports that researchers have developed a material in which holographs can be created in minutes. Of course, the images in animation need to change every few SECONDS, so this would create very slow movements, meaning the holograms aren?t ready for movie theaters yet.

Meanwhile, quantum physics has reached our movie theaters. Do parallel universes?of the kind Whitley wrote about in his latest novel 2012? really exist? What about time travel and teleportation?

When it comes to teleportation, in LiveScience.com, Charles Q. Choi quotes physicist Edward Farhi as saying “The fact is that physicists have teleported things over miles. It doesn’t violate the laws of physics.” The catch is that they can only teleport a single photon, which Farhi says is “a far cry from teleporting a person.” But that’s in real life?in the movies, such as the new movie “Jumper”?a man can travel to any place, and any time, simply by thinking about it.

Physicists eventually hope to enter other parallel universes through “wormholes.” But there’s a problem: Choi quotes physicist Max Tegmark as saying, “Wormholes seem to be unstable. If you try to travel through one, it would collapse into a black hole, which kind of sucks.”

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