Mitra Malek writes in the Herald Tribune that some scientists think giant gas bubbles in the Bermuda Triangle could be what is sucking ships down into the deep. Hollywood special effects artist Phil Beck, of Awesome FX, has recreated the phenomenon in order to test this theory.The Bermuda Triangle stretches from Florida to Bermuda and Puerto Rico. Many ships and airplanes have disappeared there, but no one can figure out why.

Beck forced compressed air through an underwater grid in the ocean, forcing bubbles to the surface. After five tries, he was able to suck a Sea Ray cruiser under the water. “The bow went up, the stern went down, and it went under,” he says. “I’ve sunk lots of boats, but I’ve always just blown holes in them.”

This experiment has been carried before out in tubs with tiny boats, but never in the ocean with a life sized boat. “It was doing it out on the ocean. That was the key,” says Steve Wilkinson of BBC, which, along with the Discovery Channel, is filming the experiment. “It’s one thing to test in a tank, but to do it out in the water with currents?is another?We’re looking at the Bermuda Triangle mysteries with fresh eyes. There is background to some of the myths.”

The bubbles may come from methane gas frozen in the ocean floor. If the floor becomes warmer or develops cracks, the methane gas may be released, producing huge bubbles a mile wide.

This explains why ships are lost in the Bermuda Triangle, but it doesn’t explain why planes are lost there as well. According to the Navy, the Bermuda Triangle is one of two places on earth where a magnetic compass points to true north instead of magnetic north. A navigator who didn’t compensate for that “could find himself far off course and in deep trouble,” according to the Navy website.

Planes could also be affected by the giant bubbles. If one reached the surface, it could explode in the air, creating an air current that would pull the plane down into the ocean.

There are many undiscovered secrets that control the way our world works.

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