Norwegian reporter Hanne Dankertsen writes that researchers have found the explanation for the burning bush, from which God spoke to Moses in the Bible. They went to the Sahara desert to study bushes that were setting themselves on fire. Smoke was billowing from red holes in the ground and local villages were evacuating.

Dag Kristian Dysthe expected to find lava underneath the smoking soil, but found a burning layer of turf instead. He says, “We measured 1292 degrees Fahrenheit in some of the holes. It was actually a little scary seeing the burning bushes in the desert, almost like in the Bible. We discovered that a burning layer of turf under the soil caused the smoke and the heat that set the bushes on fire.”

Dysthe thinks the same thing may have taken place in biblical times, when it was reported that God spoke to Moses in a burning bush.

Religious people sometimes have trouble dealing with UFOs.

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