Sperm quality is down everywhere, and the suspected causes range from estrogen in our drinking water to pesticides, but Israel worse off than other developed countries. This is a real problem for women looking for IVF fertilization.

In the August 16th edition of the Los Angeles Times, Edmund Sanders quotes Israeli researcher Ruth Har-Nir, who runs a sperm bank, as saying, "Under no circumstances can we accept sperm of this quality." She has noticed problems with Israeli sperm for a decade and says, "This is the trend.

"If this is happening to the guys on our A-team, we might only be seeing the tip of the iceberg."

When she launched her sperm bank in 1991, turned away about a third of applicants for low quality. Using the same standards today, she would reject over 80%. The sperm bank relaxed its criteria, but it still vetoes about two-thirds of applicants.

Based on earlier news stories on unknowncountry.com, we think we know the answer to this mystery: Israel uses cell phones more than any other country and it probably has a heavy use of laptop computers as well.

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