Or is it Grays face? – Got a baby face? Look younger than you really are? You are also going to LIVE longer than other people!

Researchers asked professionals to guess the ages of unidentical twins who were in their 70s, 80s or 90s by looking at their photos. The twin whom people thought was younger lived longer.

There’s a scientific reason for this: Pieces of DNA called telomeres, which control how well cells replicate, are also linked to how young a person looks. A telomere of shorter length is thought to mean a person will age more quickly and has been linked with diseases such as cancer. All the people who looked younger had longer telomeres.

Danish researcher Kaare Christensen thinks his study shows that doctors should take a good, hard look at their patients. BBC News quotes him as saying, “If a patient looks older than their years then perhaps they should be more concerned.”

With all the things that happen to so many of our listeners, a lot of them probably feel older than their years! Understanding helps that that’s the kind of wisdom we’re here to share. For instance, what is the black box that so many abductees see? Anne Strieber explains this in our first Dreamland show of 2010. She also has a special present for our subscribers: She explains WHO the Grays are, WHAT they are doing here and WHY. To access this information, enter the Subscriber section, click on the Audio Section then click on Special Interviews and scroll down until you see Special Interviews Archive, then click on that. The entire archive will open and you can scroll or do a browser search for the programming you are looking for. But first you need to subscribe today!

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