Americans may feel that the recent Al-Qaeda attacks inside Saudi Arabia serve the Saudis right, since they’ve enabled and even funded the 911 terrorists, as long as they did their dirty deeds in some other country. However, this is also yet another way of attacking the U.S., since it causes the price of oil to rise. If terrorists succeed in getting control of the Saudi oil fields, the price will go sky high.

In, Richard Allen Greene quotes Saudi government adviser Adel al-Jubeir as saying, “They are trying to target the oil industry and scare people?and in particular foreigners?into leaving the country. They believe that if this happens, the Saudi economy will collapse and the Saudi government will be ripe for the plucking.” Most of the jobs in Saudi Arabia are done by foreign workers, and these are the people al-Qaeda is attacking.

Intelligence analyst Alex Standish says, “The House of Saud knows that it remains in power?as the Shah of Iran did?because of its security forces?There is a real risk that people sensing a regime in crisis may throw in their lot with what they see as a more dynamic force, rather than an embattled monarchy.” It happened in Iran.

Even if terrorists can’t take over or destroy the Saudi oil industry, they can disrupt it to the point of keeping U.S. oil prices high, because if there’s not enough oil to go around, inflation will kick in. It’s a way to attack America without actually being on U.S. soil.

How can we understand what’s really going on, when we’re ruled by secrecy?

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