This story is being distributed by Iraq expert Laurie Mylroie. It is translated from the Czech newspaper of record, Prague Hospodarske Noviny.

The man who evidently piloted the first Boeing into the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center was indeed in touch with Saddam’s intelligence service in Prague. Two high ranking sources familiar with the investigation confirmed this yesterday for Hospodarske Noviny and the Wall Street Journal Europe. This information, which the Americans have had at their disposal for several days, is resonating among the highest echelons of US policy.

George Bush’s key advisers are embroiled in a dispute over how to conduct the military operation against the terrorists. The wing represented by Secretary of State Colin Powell is concerned that a too generally conceived strike could be interpreted in the world as a campaign against Islamic countries, that is, the unfortunate clash of civilizations. Therefore, he is striving for the formation of the broadest possible coalition for a narrowly defined objective: To destroy and disperse the al-Qa’ida organization led by the notorious Usama Bin Ladin.

This is too little, thinks the wing represented by the Pentagon leadership. According to them, it is necessary to compel by appropriate means the countries that support terrorists to desist from this.Evidently, mere diplomatic pressure will not be enough for some countries, for example, Iraq. Now is a suitable moment for Bush Jr. to finish what Bush Sr. left undone — to launch a strike on Baghdad and overthrow Saddam Hussein.

The reasoning of the hawks is more compelling. Saddam’s regime is the source of permanent global instability. Even other Arab and Muslim countries are afraid of him. Saddam’s socialist profane dictatorship is not loved among Islamic fundamentalists. Even Usama has never championed Saddam. If Bush were to decide to launch an attack on Baghdad, he would not have much difficulty in convincing the world that he is not waging war on Islam.[Description of Source: in Czech — leading independent economic daily; paper of record]

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