We’ve recently reported that a top Canadian military official has revealed the truth about UFOs. Now Colin Andrews, one of the original crop circle investigators, who has both testified that crop circles were caused by unknown means and claimedthat most were manmade, has revealed that a UK militaryprogram called Operation Blackbird photographed one beingcreated by unknown objects in 1990.

The U.K. Western Daily Press reports that Andrews, who has lived in Connecticut for the last ten years, knew about two crop circle photographing vigils that took place on the same night. One of them was an official English army project to video a crop circle being created near Silbury Hill, in theheart of the UK crop circle country. According to Andrews, military night vision cameras captured a crop circle being made, while international media, camped 20 miles away, were the victims of a hoax: the crop circle makers who were being photographed by them were ordinary people. After that event, he went on several radio shows, including Dreamland, and said that virtually all circles were man-made.

At the Operation Blackbird area, people heard an odd hum and saw flashes of light in the sky. Andrews says, “While?there was a formation appearing in front of the cameras which was supposed to convince the world of a hoax, the Army filmed a UFO at the secret site, and crop circles appeared next to the hill. The crop circle story will not be complete until Operation Blackbird is fully understood and why, and who, is behind the larger plan.”

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