People with peanut allergies risk their lives getting on airplanes where snacks are passed out. Kids are in danger if they go to a friend’s house that has peanut butter in the cupboard. But this may all change soon, due to a new medicine which will allow them to eat almost 9 peanuts without an allergic reaction. Right now, people with severe allergies can only eat about half a peanut. The drug won’t allow them to eat as many as they want, but it will protect them if they unknowingly eat something containing them.

Severe peanut allergy causes 50 to 100 deaths every year in the U.S. 1.5 million people in the U.S have potentially fatal reactions to the smallest traces of peanuts?even peanut dust can do it. Researcher Donald Leung says, “If future studies bear out this initial promise, [the drug] could not only save lives, but help lift the cloud of fear that people with peanut allergies live under every time they eat.”

Scientists in the U.K have found that using skin creams containing peanut oils on young children raises their risk of developing the allergy almost seven times. Children given soy milk are over twice as likely to develop the allergy.

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