The recent murders of the royal family in Nepal may have been influenced by an astrological prediction. It was reported that the Crown Prince shot his family because they opposed his choice of bride. An astrologer had predicted that if the Crown Prince married or had children before he was 35, his father the King would die. Another prophecy stated that the King would not live beyond age 35, and he celebrated that birthday in December. It has also been predicted that the current dynasty would fall after 10 generations, and the King was the 11th generation.

In Asia, politicians and businessmen regularly consult astrologers. In India, ?Nearly all political parties, apart from the left?from the current BJP party members to the former prime minister P.V. Narasimha Rao, use them,? says D. Raghunandan of the Delhi Science Forum. In Sri Lanka, official functions and speeches are started at times dictated by the stars?down to the minute.

Indians consult astrologers to decide when to run for election and where to begin their campaigns, and the ruling party will consult the stars to decide when to swear in a new government. ?When a politician wants to be sworn in, we check if the position of the planets and stars are favorable,? says astrologer Mahan Veertulli.

J. Jayalalitha, a politican in India, added an extra ?a? to her name after being told it would bring good fortune. A popular soap opera on Indian TV put a ?k? in front of all the titles of its shows to make sure they were successful.

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