U.S. artist Rowena Morrill says she was shocked to discover her paintings in Saddam Hussein’s private collection. Her sister first spotted them on the TV news, hanging on the wall of one of Saddam’s palaces, and immediately called Morrill. “I was utterly stunned,” she says. “?I’ve always known that once I sell a piece it could end up anywhere. Of course I never dreamed that it would end up in a place like that.”

Morrill paints fantasy images, such as a priestess “who is very voluptuous, draped over an altar in front of a stone demon,” she says. “She’s hurling a magic snake monster forward at the hero of the story, who’s invading the inner sanctum of the temple.” Another painting in Saddam’s collection showed a green dragon, “flying down to get a girl who’s chained to a rock.” Needless to say, the chained gal is pretty voluptuous.

To see some of Saddam’s art collection, click here.

What Saddam needed was some good advice.

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