For “national security” reasons, President Bush has renewed an exemption that allows the Air Force to continue to classify its top-secret operations at Groom Lake, also known as Area 51, in Nevada. The area is in a no-fly zone that is closed to the public. Bush says it’s of “paramount interest” that the base not have to disclose classified information about what goes on there. Some UFO researchers believe that the Air Force interacted with extraterrestrials here, in an exchange of information that led to the development of exotic aircraft. Some witnesses claim to have seen UFOs at the base. However, lawsuits against the secrecy were not filed by these researchers, but by injured workers who want information about the toxic materials used at the base. In response to this, President Clinton issued the first exemption in 1995.

The lawsuits were brought in 1994 by Helen Frost and Stella Kasza, the widows of two men who worked at the military base. They alleged that their husbands were exposed to hazardous and toxic materials while working at Groom Lake. Their attorney, Jonathan Turley, says, “It is baffling to see the government continue to cover up what went on at Area 51. It is clear that there were criminal crimes and that government officials continue to resist any disclosure that would confirm such criminal content.”

The memo also exempts the Air Force from having to follow federal, state or local solid waste and hazardous waste laws. The government has never disclosed what it does at Area 51.

Boeing denies it, but there’s proof that they’re building a flying saucer?where did they get the technology?

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