If you’re like many Americans, you made a New Year’s resolution to increase efficiency in your life using some of the newest gadgets. But this can be dangerous?maybe not to your physical health, but to your personal relationships.

Can we become addicted to technology? Psychologist John O’Neill says, “We have become so accustomed to the luxuries of technology that we may be forgetting how to play, have personal connections and use coping skills in face-to-face interactions. We can become overloaded by technology and suffer consequences in our relationships.”

Here are some of the warning signals to watch out for: You’d rather text than talk face-to-face. You spend less time participating in personal activities or limit your time with friends and family to attend to your e-mail or return phone calls. You frequently miss appointments or are late because you got caught up on the Internet, checking e-mail or talking on your cell phone. You use text messages, email and voice mail when a face-to face interaction would be more appropriate.

Another way to spot the addiction? You can’t leave home without it. You can’t take a vacation without bringing four different charging devices for all your gadgets and gizmos. You can’t seem to relax without constantly checking your e-mail, text messages or using your cell phone. O’Neill says, “When your cell phone ear piece becomes a permanent part of your wardrobe, that’s a problem.”

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