The U.S. military buildup is now estimated to consist of up to 100,000 troops positioned within striking distance of Iraq. In the midst of these preparations for a new war in the Middle East, one question is never asked: Are we doing it for the oil? If we could gain control of Iraq, we would no longer have to rely on Saudi Arabia for oil. This would mean we could take a harder line with the Saudis and insist, for instance, that they crack down on the terrorists within their borders and stop brainwashing school children with anti-American propaganda.

Saudi Arabia, with the largest oil reserves in the world, is undemocratic?especially toward women?and has many human rights violations. With people around the world demanding democracy, it?s becoming embarrassing for the U.S. to give so much support to such a dictatorial regime. And the Saudis are becoming disenchanted with us as well. They have recently removed billions of dollars in investments from the U.S. stock market. If Saudi Arabia becomes unable to fight off the extremist elements within the country, it could become an anti-U.S., militant Islamist government that would control U.S. access to oil. We could attack them, but?thanks to us?they are much better equipped militarily than Iraq. It will be easier to attack Saddam right now, before Iraq becomes a nuclear power.

If we win a war against Iraq, we will have troops stationed there for a long time afterwards, just as we do in Afghanistan, where 8,000 soldiers are still in place. This will help protect against any seizure of nearby Saudi oil fields. If we win the war against Iraq, we will no longer have to depend on a corrupt and unpopular royal family to keep us supplied with oil.

Can a dictator really be as crazy as the descriptions of Saddam Hussein? Find out the madness behind Hitler?s methods from ?Unholy Alliance? by Peter Levenda,click here.

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