Are we isolated in our lonely little corner of the Milky Way? Quasars are highly luminous objects that emit light over a wide range of wavelengths, revealing elements such as hydrogen, nitrogen, silicon, carbon and iron in the gas around them, and measurements on the light from distant quasars reveal that our part of the universe is fine-tuned to be exceptionally conducive to the formation of carbon-based life.

And we seem to be consistently discovering new planets that could possibly harbor life. Maybe there was intelligent life on other planets in our solar system in the PAST. Astronomers test this theory by looking for straight lines and geometrical shapes on other planets and they have found what they call a "runway" on Mars.

If we could only travel out into space to find out for ourselves! But as the Master of the Key told Whitley when he burst into his hotel room in 1998, the reason we aren’t traveling to other planets right now is because the parents of the child who would have given us the ability to travel into space was killed in the holocaust! A lot of the people WE know think they have already encountered people from "another world," and Anne Strieber has recorded eleven interviews with some of them, just for subscribers, so subscribe today and listen to them tell their amazing stories!

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