Taking vitamins may do more harm than good, since some supplements may come with health risks. When researchers examined data from more than almost 40,000 women taking part in their study, they found that women who took supplements had a 2.4% percent increased risk of dying over the course of the 19-year study, compared with women who didn’t take vitamins.

In LiveScience.com, Joseph Brownstein quotes epidemiologist Jaakko Mursu as saying, "Our study, as well as other similar studies, have provided very little evidence that commonly used dietary supplements would help to prevent chronic diseases." In fact, they sometimes CAUSE them: Another trial that included about 35,000 men, those who were randomized to receive daily supplementation with vitamin E had a significantly increased risk of prostate cancer.

Mursu says, "We do know that most compounds are toxic in high amounts, and long-term use might predispose (a person) to detrimental outcomes." He thinks that the increased chance of dying "could be related to generally high concentration of compounds that these supplements contain. Most supplements contain higher amounts of nutrients than would be derived from food, and it is known that several compounds can be toxic in higher amounts, especially when consumed for a long time, as some of these accumulate to body."

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