Continuing what seems to be a gradual leak of formerly secret UFO information by Russia (See Sept. 18 news “Will Russians Reveal Data on UFOs?”, click here, Pravda reports on a case of underwater lights seen in 1908 from a Russian ship: “Suddenly, an unusual green-white light broke out under the stern, which soon occupied most of the water’s surface. This luminous surface had an oval shape and moved for some time together with the ship, then gradually separated from it and flew ahead of it. It moved away fast and shone as a strip.”

They go on to describe strange lights seen from another ship in 1909: “Waves of light were moving from west to east. Gradually, they took the shape of long rays coming from one center at the skyline and rotating clockwise. These rays were not straight, but concave. The whole system was moving, while reducing the speed of its movement, and gradually it vanished all together.”

In 1976, Bulgarians Yulia and Doncho Popasov saw large circles of light circles on the water surface from their boat and thought, at first, they were from a searchlight. Yulia then saw a large light approaching them, shaped like a ship with people onboard.

In 1977, the Soviet newspaper Nedelya reported that underwater lights were observed by Vladimir Vorobyov from a Soviet research ship: “After having completed an ocean investigation, the team suddenly noticed a white light rotating clockwise at a distance of 150 or 200 m, which split into eight parts. A sonar device registered a depth of 170 (miles) and showed the presence of a big mass under the keel at a depth of 20 (miles). After 30 minutes, the luminescence disappeared.”

None of this information is recent. Is Pravda desperate for entertainment stories or are the Russians trying to tell us something?

Maybe we need to send some divers down to look for the source of these lights. Or maybe they?ve already come to us. Lissette Larkins thinks so, and bravely tells her personal story in ?Talking to Extraterrestrials,? click here.

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