Agence France-Presse – Toads have beenexploding bythe hundreds in Germany because they are being attacked bycrows, a veterinary surgeon revealed on Thursday.Animal welfare workers and veterinarians had reported thatas many as 1,000 toads had swelled to bursting point andexploded in recent days, propelling their entrails up threefeet into the air.

Now a veterinary surgeon, Frank Mutschmann, who has examinedthe remains of the toads, said they had been pierced with asingle peck by crows trying to eat their livers. This inturn caused the toads to explode. “The toads swell up as aform of self-defence. But when their livers are taken awayand their stomachs are punctured, their blood vesselsexplode, their lungs collapse and the other organs comeout,” Mutschmann said.

“Crows are intelligent animals. They learn very quickly howto eat the toads’ livers,” he said, adding that betweenthree and five crows could kill around 100 toads. So manytoads have died in a lake in the Altona district ofHamburg that it has been dubbed “the pond of death.”

Yet to be explained: the toads only explode late at night,when the crows are asleep, as they do not fly in the dark.So IS THIS THE ANSWER…?

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