Yesterday we reported on a developing antarcticcatastrophe–rapid warming of the area that was setting thestage for mass extinction.

Now it appears that the arctic is melting so fast thatcoastal areas of the United States are liable to becompletely under water by the end of the century, and tosuffer serious and ongoing tidal damage long before then.

The Arctic Climate Impact Assessment that was released onNovember 8 paints a grim picture of the future of the north.It is now clear, for example, that Greenland’s ice sheet ismelting fast, and that its vast glaciers are going to slide,like those on the antarctic continent, into the ocean.

The report is being discussed in Iceland by the ArcticCouncil, which is composed of representatives from Canada,Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, the Russian Federation,Sweden, and the U.S., as well as six indigenous-peoplesorganizations. The council will issue its conclusions in afew weeks. It is expected to warn that an arctic catastropheis in the making, that will completely change the face ofour world, and forever alter human life–and all life–onthis planet.

Cities like New York and, especially, low lying areas likesouthern Florida, are expected to disappear completelywithin a hundred years, and to suffer catastrophicinundations long before then.

It’s beginning to look as if Peter Lorie might be rightabout theworld’send. Be sure and take a look at his provocative new book inthe store.

Are we helpless to stop the melt? Absolutely not! Take alook at what YOU can do on ourSuperstormQuickwatch page.

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