…and probably not in Nashville either. You can tour with William Henry in BOTH places in April. He says, “I am hosting an unforgettable light body conference in Nashville on April 4-6, 2008 as I present my latest lecture and slide show ‘Stargate metaphysics?the Secrets of Enlightenment,’ talking about the keys to light body, stargates and cosmic freedom. This is my 5th Nashville event. All of them have sold out, so get your reservations early?and bring a friend!” Keep reading for details on his tours to Egypt and UK.

On Dreamland our subscribers got to listen to Anne Strieber’s interview with Willam about his latest adventures in Egypt. In April, YOU can be part of William’s adventures. He says, “Meet me at the Great Pyramid on April 14-27, 2008, where 20 people will have the experience of a lifetime on my Stargate Egypt tour.”

You can also travel with him in England in August on the trail to the Grail, where he will meditate INSIDE the neolithic circle at Stonehenge and visit Rosslyn Chapel and Glastonbury Tor.This special authors tour will include visits with some of the leading UK authors and guests that he has interviewed on Dreamland.

No time to travel? You can still get a PERSONAL tarot reading from William over the phone. Call (615) 292-5397 to speak with him directly or email him at whenrytn@earthlink.net. Besides learning about his recent adventures in Egypt, subscribers recently got to hear William read the tarot for Whitley.

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